Monday 4 April 2011

Ragfest 2011

On 26th March, Bristol LiveSoc and Bristol RAG co-hosted the second annual Ragfest, a night of live music in aid of charity. I was there with UBU Photosoc Events Team getting the whole thing captured on camera. There were two stages across the main Anson Room and Ar2 in the University of Bristol Students' Union, so I was flitting back and forth trying to make sure I got enough pictures of each act. Rather than rambling on, I'll cut straight to the pictures! Many more here.


The End Effect


Max Parker

Kill Cassidy

Jim Horne, Publicity Stunt

Greg Walton, Publicity Stunt

Calm Down Caesar

The Goodness

The Lasting Days

The Phoenix and the Turtle

Mary Spender

Indigo Lights