Thursday 14 February 2013

Not final year!

Hello Internet! It's definitely time for an update...I've left my course for various reasons, which means I will be graduating in July with a BSc in Computer Science (oh my, I actually have a degree now). I haven't written anything for a while, but I'm currently working on the latest edition of Rebellious Jukebox for Intuition, so that will be out in a couple of weeks.

So, what am I actually doing with my life? At the moment I'm volunteering at an Oxfam bookshop in Bristol and I'll be starting a watercolour painting class next week. I also need to get some driving lessons, which I'm sure will be terrifying on the ridiculous hills of Bristol. I'm treating this as a gap year of sorts, with the intention of starting a different masters course in September or going into the scary world of work and becoming a real person.

I've done a little bit of drawing to break in my new sketchbook but it hasn't made it onto my computer yet, so that will appear online eventually. In the meantime, have a digital drawing of a quetzal. I have a small backlog of photographs from Christmas to sort through as well. My 40D is currently still in London due to me being far too small to carry things on trains so I haven't taken many photos since my A700 is slowly dying. I'm plodding through a roll of film but the awful weather recently has made me shy away from using up colour exposures on drab photos taken out of my window.

Right, now I'm going to wallow in my dressing gown and play Pokemon Pinball (yes, I got my old Gameboy Colour out of storage) as I have a terrible cold so I can't bear the though of going outdoors today.