Wednesday 10 August 2016

356 photo project


After imploring my poor bashed-up phone to work properly for a few weeks, I finally gave in and bought a new one. I've moved away from Windows now and got an Android phone (partly because of Pokémon Go, partly because there are apps that I want to use that aren't available for Windows).

Now that I've got my new phone, I can post to Instagram again. My last phone would just crash when I hit the button to throw my image at the internet, which scuppered my plan to start a 365 on my birthday last month.

My definition of a 365 is taking a photo every day for the next year. The photo will document something from that day. I'll then post it on Instagram with a bit about what happened that day.

You can check out my 365 project at my Instagram page.

Here's a photo of a sleepy cat that didn't make it to Instagram (thanks old phone):

Friday 17 June 2016

Film photos


I have an old film camera that belonged to my dad. It's a Yashica that was purchased some time in the late 1980s. I've dabbled in film over the years, but ultimately always gone back to my SLR.

I finally got a roll of film developed and couldn't remember what was on it. It turned out that the photos were from 2013 and 2014. Quite a lot of them were of the Gromit sculptures that were in Bristol in 2013.


Golden Gromit by Julie Vernon

I particularly liked this one because it was shiny and I'm secretly a magpie!

Look at the full set of film photos on Flickr.

More recently we had sculptures of Shaun the Sheep around the city. The sculptures weren't just for fun though; they were auctioned off for the Wallace & Gromit's Children's Charity that raises money for sick children in the UK.

Back to film: at the moment I've got a roll of black and white film in my camera, but I prefer using black and white in the winter when there are fewer pretty colours around. I might try taking some photos of the balloon fiesta with the film camera this year, as I now have piles of them in colour from my SLR. The perks of living high up with a great view of the skyline!

Saturday 30 January 2016

Small rabbits


It's time for a story.

A friend of mine (who designs the odd t-shirt or so, take a look at Lilsquiggle Tees on Facebook if you like t-shirts) owned two boy rabbits. The rabbits were called Twiglet and Oreo and they got on very well. VERY well.

It then transpired that Twiglet was a lady rabbit, and possibly had the beginnings of smaller rabbits ensconced inside her. Soon enough, Twiglet and Oreo became the proud parents of many tiny rabbits.

Naturally, we decided to take lots of photos of the kittens (yup, that is what baby rabbits are called). Here's a few from the set:

Rabbits in bowl


See the full set of kitten bunnies on Flickr.