Wednesday 8 February 2012

"Recent" words

Realised I haven't been updating this with actual words, so here are a few links to some writing I've done:

Enter Shikari - A Flash Flood of Colour
City and Colour - Little Hell
Saves the Day - Daybreak

I've been co-hosting a weekly technology news show since October; you can catch up with the podcast if you are so inclined.

In terms of gigs, February is looking pretty good. Tomorrow, I'm seeing Brand New, which should be amazing and wonderful. Then next week I've got Errors and Pulled Apart By Horses lined up...and it's not just music as I'm seeing Chris Addison on Friday!

Oh yes, photos have been happening as well, so I'll post some longer entries soon with some pictures, or you can check out my Flickr in the meantime.