Saturday 20 June 2015

Residents' parking: Clifton traders march in protest

Traders from Clifton Village marched to City Hall in protest of the council’s proposed residents’ parking scheme, which they believe will lead to the “death” of the village.

Protestors are worried that the introduction of parking meters and time limits on parking will result in fewer people visiting the village, leading to Clifton losing its character. Alison Bracey from business group BID Clifton Village, who organised the protest, said: “We don’t feel residents’ parking is going to benefit the businesses.

“There’s a lot of businesses in the village that have a high number of employees. There’s actually no way that those staff can get to work. Some of those businesses have around 90 employees. If they can’t get their staff to work, then they can’t operate and that’s actually really scary.”

Tony Golledge, owner of The Mall Newsagents, echoed these concerns:

Ferguson responds

Mayor George Ferguson has been responding to queries about the scheme on Twitter:
Although campaigners are worried that parking will be limited to an hour, Ferguson has replied saying that there will be three and five hour parking bays available a short walk from businesses:
Proposal maps released by the council show different restrictions on each road, with some roads only catering for residents or traders with permits.

However, people on the streets of Clifton are unhappy about the proposed changes:

The new parking measures will be introduced in Clifton Village on Thursday 1 May. A review of the scheme will take place six months after it is launched, which will give the council the opportunity to change the scheme to make sure it still meets the needs of the community.

The following area will be covered by the Clifton Village residents’ parking scheme:

It is clear that traders in Clifton Village are unhappy about the introduction of a residents’ parking scheme, but it remains to be seen whether the changes will actually impact the area negatively.

Objections to the proposals can be made in writing or sent to the council via email until Friday 11 April. Please quote reference CAE/NMT/P/888 and include your name and address.

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Story by Rajitha Ratnam

Clifton Residents' Parking


I'm catching up with my backlog again. Last year there were a number of protests around the Residents' Parking Scheme proposed for Clifton Village in Bristol. I went along to one and covered it for my Multimedia Journalism coursework.


Local business owners and residents believed that the changes would be the death of Clifton Village's character and vibrancy as people would no longer be able to get to the area easily without being able to park.

As part of the assignment I also made a video package:

I've just spent the day on a stall for the University of Bristol's open day so my brain is a bit melty and not wanting to write words, so I've uploaded the full article I wrote about the parking protests back in 2014 instead. Enjoy!