Monday 28 February 2011

Studio Time

Alex gave a group of us a tutorial on studio lighting last week.

Jamie with an umbrella. Since some of the studio kit is a bit dodgy, we didn't have a stand for this umbrella and used it as a prop instead.

Tom poses with his beloved headphones.

Photosoc's Film Guru Ben loads some film.

Tom lit from the side. I'd quite like to have a play with different lighting setups minus a studio backdrop, more similar to this shot.

Ben checks some negatives after returning from a darkroom session. Unfortunately we only had one working trigger, so with four of us trying to take photos against the backdrop I decided to take some from other angles.

With about ten minutes to go before the end of the room booking, Mikey appeared with some props for band photos. I took a few of him and Jamie for their electronic project, Lad Neutral. This one is for Mikey's solo act, asinglebiteofcherry.

There are many more (including some with a ladder that had been abandoned in the room we were using) here.

Saturday 19 February 2011

You Me at Six ft Chiddy - Rescue Me

You Me at Six ft Chiddy - Rescue Me

This single sees the Surrey five-piece lose a little of the punk attitude and energy that made their debut album stand out, but shows they definitely have the talent to compose unique pop songs. The unexpected collaboration with Chiddy shows that You Me at Six aren’t one trick ponies, yet this Airplanes-esque track certainly isn’t groundbreaking.

Friday 18 February 2011

Roma, January 2011: Part 2

I've uploaded all my photos from Rome now!

Here are a few pictures:

Light trails!

A rather grand building which we stumbled across.

A wall in the Roman Forum.

A flock of starlings.

Sunday 6 February 2011

Belle and Sebastian – I Want the World to Stop

Belle and Sebastian – I Want the World to Stop

The breezily melancholy new single from indie titans Belle and Sebastian is lifted from the band’s eighth studio album. Catchy as ever, the strong vocal line is supported by gentle backing singing. The band maintain their high standards of musicianship with the inclusion of a variety of instruments, pushing the boundaries of pop in their own understated way.

Release date: 28th February 2011