Thursday 27 December 2007

Bits and pieces

Firstly, I have decided to do away with the (rather garish) green layout and went for this instead.

A couple of my reviews are now up on the Xtaster website, with more to come (as soon as someone releases something worth checking out). (9 Black Alps) (Idiot Pilot)

Christmas was rather nice, although I got lots of pairs of socks. My sister got a remote controlled plane which is refusing to take off, and neither of us are sure what "trim" is (nothing appears to happen when either trim button is pressed) so I shall have to seek help regarding that.

Sadly, I have a Mechanics exam the first week back, and attempted a past paper today. How depressing that I have to revise over the Christmas holiday!

And finally, The Share Exchange is in existence. So clicky click and get Estilo some hits.

Argh, just remembered I have to write a presentation about a work of art for General Studies. How rubbish.

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