Monday 28 February 2011

Studio Time

Alex gave a group of us a tutorial on studio lighting last week.

Jamie with an umbrella. Since some of the studio kit is a bit dodgy, we didn't have a stand for this umbrella and used it as a prop instead.

Tom poses with his beloved headphones.

Photosoc's Film Guru Ben loads some film.

Tom lit from the side. I'd quite like to have a play with different lighting setups minus a studio backdrop, more similar to this shot.

Ben checks some negatives after returning from a darkroom session. Unfortunately we only had one working trigger, so with four of us trying to take photos against the backdrop I decided to take some from other angles.

With about ten minutes to go before the end of the room booking, Mikey appeared with some props for band photos. I took a few of him and Jamie for their electronic project, Lad Neutral. This one is for Mikey's solo act, asinglebiteofcherry.

There are many more (including some with a ladder that had been abandoned in the room we were using) here.

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