Friday 26 October 2012

Final year!

O hai all, I've been mega-busy over summer working at Nokia in Bristol, as a member of their web team and I've just started the final year of my undergrad MEng in Computer Science.

I have been writing sporadically; my latest article for Intuition is the singles roundup for October, Rebellious Jukebox. If you go to UoB, I've reviewed the newest Rolo Tomassi album in the latest issue of Epigram, so check that out. I'll put the words up on here soon. I also edited the Science section of the first Epigram of the year, although I've unfortunately had to step down from my position as deupty Science & Tech editor due to course commitments. So much reading! I am now way more knowledgeable about copyright and patent law than I used to be. Now I'm not on the UBU Photosoc committee, I hope to have more time to make photos, so stay tuned for updates.

(Oh, I also updated my personal website in a < 24h rush job, which I'm quite pleased with. Yay for learning skills over summer.)

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