Saturday 28 September 2013

UWE Time

Hihi, I have finally started lectures at the University of the West of England for an MA in Journalism! We've already got stuck in and I'm currently forgoing my weekend and catching up on some homework, having ill-advisedly spent my free weekdays not doing any work.

We started with an introductory lecture on Media Law and Ethics, followed by a seminar and then a three hour Journalism Writing workshop, where we discovered the joys of "dalek chairs" (which I've just found out is actually the Node by Steelcase). After whizzing around like small children for a bit, we were paired up and set the task of interviewing our partners. With no preparation. Just like that.

Yeah, it was kind of hard.

I'm now writing up the scribbled intro and notes, attempting to form a coherent article, yet realising I have a number of gaps that only further interviewing would be able to fill. Top it off with the fact my partner, Aaron, already known as Rowing Guy, has forbidden me from mentiong the r-word in my article.

As well as the packed day on Tuesday, we had a 9 - 4(ish) workshop yesterday on Multimedia Journalism. Again, thrown totally into the deep end by being instructed to pair up and get vox pops from people on campus about the recent controversy caused by Tesco and Asda releasing (and subsequently withdrawing) some poorly thought out Halloween costumes. We had a few minutes to prepare, but Nicole and I were pretty nervous and kept dithering near people, not knowing whether they'd react well to being approached. Listening back to all the vox pops everyone had recorded, we were told we'd clearly drawn the short straw with the rather...odd responses we received. It's ok, we'll get a further opportunity to practice on Monday, when Nicole and I are heading out to the streets of Bristol to start our homework of recording more vox pops and a short interview. Goodness knows what it's going to be on!

Right, probably time to get back to work, or else I'll be drowning in it come Tuesday.

Oh yes, on a side note, the buses in Bristol are awful. Get good, Wessex. Thanks.

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