Monday 6 January 2014

That picture (UPDATE)


Another update on the Telegraph using my photo without permission.

Louisa at the Telegraph spoke to her picture editor and gave me contact details for the person at FemSoc who gave the newspaper my photos. Louisa said:

Let me know what she says and whether you can get this resolved through them.
Seeing as they gave us full permission in writing you need to speak to them first.

Now this is very strange. I maintain that FemSoc have no rights to my work, so the fact they have given permission to the Telegraph doesn't mean a thing. While I may have a dispute with FemSoc for having used my work in this way, the issue with the Telegraph is separate. Regardless of whether FemSoc 'resolve' this, the Telegraph have still used one of my photographs without permission from me, the copyright holder, so I will continue my discussion with them. I replied to Louisa:

I would like to reiterate that I am not affiliated with the Feminist Society and did not license my photographs to them, so they have no legal right to give you permission to use my work, whether in writing or otherwise.

Nevertheless, I've contacted Florence from FemSoc to find out how she got hold of my photos, and why she thought she could give permission for them to be published online. So I'll email the Telegraph again once I've heard something from her...or once my nerves get the best of me. It's really not fun suffering from anxiety and having to deal with something like this. Maybe I'll blog about that in future, who knows.

Right, I'm on trains today to get back to Bristol to hand in my coursework, so I'll be off now. Hopefully I'll hear something from FemSoc this evening!

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