Saturday 11 October 2014

Goodbye Master's, hello job!


I've been oh so quiet because I now have a job and things and when I get home all I want to do is veg instead of write blog posts and I've had a lot of very busy weekends...but guess what, I'm ill again! Totally bored of watching TV and not in the mood to read, so that clearly means it's time to update this.

Robots & Raspberry Pi

Final Master's project is online
So a summer's worth of work is now done and handed in! My multimedia feature about the new Computing curriculum is complete, so please do take a look and let me know what you think.

I was really pleased to get an email interview with the amazing Maggie Philbin, formerly of Tomorrow's World and current leader of the UK Digital Skills Taskforce. It made writing the dreaded intro so much easier! Thanks to all my other contributors as well (in order of appearance): Nigel Smart, Collette Denley, Elena Hensinger, Matt Rawlings, Laura Sharp, Claire Davenport (CAS), Thomas Hancock (Robogals), Maria Felice (Bristol Girl Geek Dinners), Hazel Ho (She Codes Bath), Ben Marshall, Mark Wonnacott, James Kennaby (Knowle West Media Centre), George Rowe (Aardman Animations) and last but not least, Caroline Higgins at MVSE (thanks for all your support during my undergrad and the help with this project!). I couldn't have done it without your help!

Employment, job, real person

A deluge of applications and one job interview later, I found myself in the rather bizarre job of Website & Digital Coordinator at the University of Bristol Students' Union. Bizarre because it's half coding and tidying up the website and half commissioning/writing content for the website. I must be one of the few people in the world strange enough to have done a BSc in Computer Science followed by an MA in Journalism, so this post is basically perfect for me.

I'm working in a small marketing team and while wrangling with a website that has had such a fragmented past can be frustrating (anyone who has ever sat down at a programming project and bemoaned the lack of comments pointing out why Mr X from several years ago decided doing something in a strange roundabout way will understand), it's a nice place to work and everyone is friendly.

It is a little bit weird working at the union which formed a large part of my life as a student at UoB, but I think my insight into how things were done in the past is a great help - I know what not to do and what has worked well in the past, from a student's point of view!

It's also great to see the (ahem) outdated 60s carpark building transform into a modern space that less engaged students will actually want to make use of. The renovations are scheduled to be completed in early 2015, but there are brand new rooms already refurbished and open to students. COGS Bristol will be holding their first overnight LAN there today, and while I'm feeling wayyyy too grim to make it through the night, I am hoping to pop in to get some photos of the event.

Right, I think that's about it for now, so I'll go back to dying in bed for another couple of hours. That seems to be an ongoing theme with this blog. Hopefully I'll update again soon when I'm NOT ill!


jam said...

HI JITH! You are job now! Congratulations here's 4 EXP. I missed the time when you were bachelors degree. The time when you were master degree was blurry. 10 Points if you can guess who this is! (This would be more fun without the identity thingy).

Jith said...

@jam ARE YOU JAMIE?!?!?!

jam said...

No I am a pot of jam. Your blog was so interesting I became conscious so that I could read it and learn how interesting it is to motivate me to become conscious... ok it's Jamie :P