Saturday 30 January 2016

Small rabbits


It's time for a story.

A friend of mine (who designs the odd t-shirt or so, take a look at Lilsquiggle Tees on Facebook if you like t-shirts) owned two boy rabbits. The rabbits were called Twiglet and Oreo and they got on very well. VERY well.

It then transpired that Twiglet was a lady rabbit, and possibly had the beginnings of smaller rabbits ensconced inside her. Soon enough, Twiglet and Oreo became the proud parents of many tiny rabbits.

Naturally, we decided to take lots of photos of the kittens (yup, that is what baby rabbits are called). Here's a few from the set:

Rabbits in bowl


See the full set of kitten bunnies on Flickr.

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