Wednesday 8 July 2009

iTunes Festival London 2009: Fightstar + Young Guns

iTunes Festival London
Fightstar + Young Guns at the Camden Roundhouse
2nd July 2009

Stepping in at the last minute for In Case Of Fire, whose singer was under doctor’s orders not to perform, Young Guns were ridiculously energetic and frontman Gustav Wood exuded confidence, dashing from one side of the stage to the other, energizing the crowd. Despite not being familiar with their music, it was highly enjoyable and everyone seemed to be having fun. Young Guns’ vibrant live set definitely hails them worthy of their Kerrang! award nomination.

Fightstar played a set filled with fan favourites and singles. Although the band members were definitely on form, the spectators seemed fairly lukewarm and restive, until about halfway through the set when thrashing out the immense Palahniuk’s Laughter and Grand Unification (Part I) seemed to rejuvenate most people. The highly addictive Mercury Summer was well received and it was excellent to see Lost Like Tears In Rain rounding out the set. Vocalist Charlie Simpson and guitarist Alex Westaway returned armed with acoustic guitars for the encore, Amethyst, which was simply beautiful. Following this, the rest of the band returned to perform Deathcar, arguably one of the band’s best tracks and the perfect end to the night.

More pictures here.

I also saw Jack Penate with Golden Silvers but I haven't written a proper review of that. It was pretty fun though!

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