Friday 9 May 2014

New layout!


I'm currently in the process of redesigning my personal website, so I thought I'd update this blog to match.

Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't make this easy if you want to use custom CSS (which I do, since I want pretty webfonts). It would be a lot easier if they just gave you a list of the classes and ids and you could edit that way, but if you add CSS you get a blank box and you have to work out whatever it is you want to do. At least it updates a preview automatically though, so you can see exactly what you have changed.

Alternatively, you can edit the HTML (which includes scripting and CSS) for whatever template you're using, which allows you to see the actual CSS that Blogger's template uses. However, you then have to hit "Preview" every time you make a change, which isn't ideal. I guess you could copy the CSS to the custom CSS editor and make changes in there to take advantage of the automatically-updated preview, but that's still fiddly and inconvenient!

I'd like to have control over the layout and everything myself, but a) I don't have my own server, which I would need to efficiently implement a blog (no, I am NOT doing it in JavaScript) and b) I'd have to spend a lot more time doing server maintenance and filling in the gaps in my knowledge (especially when it comes to security issues). So, I suppose I will have to continue wrestling with Blogger to customise the layout. I'm fairly happy with Blogger overall; the interface for creating/updating posts themselves is clean and easy to use. Wordpress just feels a lot more cluttered to me.

Anyway, let me know if you encounter any hideous technical issues with the blog (not that I expect there to be any)!


rikkit said...

Tumblr! Much easier theming, it has live previews and everything.

Jith said...

I don't know what it is, I just dislike tumblr. The whole reblogging system upsets me. It really shouldn't, but I'm an old woman and it does.